TASCAT rules to uphold HCC’s decision to reject MWCC’s cable car proposal 

kunanyi / Mt Wellington remains cable car free

Following a comprehensive rejection of the cable car development on 21 grounds of planning and management non-compliance, the Mount Wellington Cableway Company appealed to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT) now known as Tasmanian  Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT).

On 03/11/22 TASCAT ruled to uphold the City of Hobart’s decision to reject MWCC’s unwanted & inappropriate cable car proposal for kunanyi / Mt Wellington.


Thank you to the many thousands of people who have joined the campaign to protect kunanyi / Mt Wellington.  Stay with us to ensure the Mountain is protected into the future.

TASCAT’s 2022  decision to uphold the City of Hobart’s decision to reject the cable car proposal was a massive victory demonstrating the power of community & the importance of belief, persistence & fighting for what you believe in.  Thank you all for helping to keep kunanyi wild.

Now in 2023 the fight may not yet be over with Premier Jeremy Rockliff recently voicing his desire to approve the cable car, against the science, planning advice and clear opposition of Hobartians and the Aboriginal Community.



The Wellington Park Management Trust has begun a review of the Wellington Park Management Plan. You can review information at https://wellingtonpark.org.au/management-plan-review

The process has started with a review of the values within the park which takes the form of a survey.  In the comments section you can add your own comments like – “the Management Plan should be changed to explicitly prohibit a cable car across the Organ Pipes and prohibit construction of any large structures on the Pinnacle.”  If you feel the values that have been set out are wrong or not complete, then have your say. You can also make a more detailed submission adding values that you might feel are important. The review of values closes on 15th Sept 2023.  Click HERE for the current park values.

This process will take time and a draft management plan is not expected until early 2025. Please get involved and thank you for being part of the continuing fight to protect the mountain.

It is little more than a city park - without the park bench or waste bin

Mt Wellington Cableway CompanyAugust 2018

There is no other Australian city, and few in the world, privileged with such a wild and beautiful landscape close by

Videos of kunanyi / Mt Wellington and the campaign against the cable car

Tasmanians against the cable car

The beauty of kunanyi

Interview with Menna Jones

Thank you for your support


We are Tasmanians against the proposed cableway,
destructive access road and commercial complex
on kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Thank you for supporting our campaign