Stand Up For Our Mountain

The Council rejected the cable car application

In a welcome relief for the Mountain and the community of people defending her from the mass tourism that comes with a cable car, the Hobart City Council accepted the expert planner’s recommendation to reject approval of the cable car on 21 separate grounds of non-compliance. 9 votes to 3 the Council rejected the cable car DA.

Congratulations and thank you to anyone who made a representation, attended an event, spread the word or otherwise stood up for kunanyi. 72% of a record 16,500 representations opposed the cable car.

The fight goes on

The proponent is appealing this decision and residents Opposed to the Cable Car will join this appeal to defend kunanyi.

Residents Opposed to the Cable Car made a comprehensive representation against the cable car. Download our representation here.

At the Council meeting, we made a deputation and appeared first in a line up of 16 deputations heard by the meeting. You can view the proceedings of the Hobart City Council meeting here.

You can still view the full DA, the Council’s expert Planner’s Report and associated expert consultant reports in the council agenda documents here.

Help our defence of kunanyi here

Assault on an iconic backdrop that makes Hobart special

Privatising public reserves to bring mass-tourism to the mountain is an assault on the values, amenity & ownership of an iconic backdrop to Hobart that makes our city special.

The cable car cuts directly across the Organ Pipes & involves three giant towers, a new 2.5km road, forest clearing around a large base station & 3554 m2 of commercial floorspace in an imposing new building at the summit.

Impacts include:

  • Tens of thousands of new cars, busses & trucks in residential streets of South Hobart & the Southern Outlet intersection
  • Light & noise pollution including trucks servicing the development day & night
  • Despoiling an ancient landscape & Aboriginal heritage values
  • Destruction of threatened forest communities & loss of high-quality nesting trees of the swift parrot & masked owl
  • Loss of public, reserved land & the access, ownership and amenity that people love

The cable car development contravenes both the Hobart Planning Scheme & the Wellington Park Management Plan and has never released a business plan to demonstrate it won’t require public subsidies.

Say NO to a cable car on kunanyi