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Planning Law Changes Completely Unnecessary

By November 2, 2023November 3rd, 2023No Comments

The Liberal government has put out a discussion paper on its Planning Law changes,
including the introduction of Development Assessment Panels.
Position Paper – Development Assessment Panel Framework – October 2023 (PDF, 483.9 KB)
This quote comes from the position paper at 3.1
Despite the statistical evidence, there remains a perception that some Councils are less
supportive of new development than others and that on occasion the personal views of
elected councillors in relation to a proposed development, ….
“The governments own discussion paper admits that the problem is really only one of
perception and very few DAs are held up by councils due to politics or a failure of the
councils to do there job.”
“What the government is trying to do here is fix a problem that does not exist. The cable
car failed because it was a poorly thought out project which was not well presented by the
Residents Opposed to the Cable Car submitted an RTI in 2019 and the information
requested has just been released. See the attached letter below.
While the delay is frustrating, what has been released included a letter from the Hobart
City Council to the cable car proponent MWCC. What this letter shows is that MWCC were
asked for more information on numerous occasions around June of 2019.
The letter shows that despite the requests the company had still not satisfied the request
for further information on a range of issues by 17 January 2020 some 6 months later.
“The delays in providing the necessary information held up the approvals process and no
special track to approval such as the proposed ‘Development Assessment Panels’ would
have made any difference”
“The Cable Car project failed because it did not comply with the Planning Scheme”
“There is no demonstrated need for DAPs and the cable car is a perfect example of the
current system working properly. The Hobart City Council made a timely decision and on
appeal by the proponent to TasCAT the appeal was rejected and the council shown to
have made the correct decision.”

Phil Stigant

Residents Opposed to the Cable Car inc